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People (Bride and Groom) are always thinking six months is not enough to manage the wedding. Wedding planning on a six month time period is not that difficult. Here we will explain you how it is possible? In recent times you see many couples manage to create unique celebrations in a short period of time due to their smart piece of work.

Tips to plan a wedding

1. Fix the date and venue

Once your engagement is over, then you need to focus on where and which place you are going to get married. Discuss with the parents from both sides and finalize the date as soon as possible. Once you set the date, search for Kalyana Mandapam, wedding halls, and other venues and check the availability along with the budget. Why, because, most of the wedding venues stay blocked before some months in advance. Consider the factors such as,

  • Ambience
  • Location
  • Space
  • Seating Capacity
  • Check whether venue provide catering service too

If your needs are fulfilled then sign a contract immediately.

2. Book Vendors

Once the date and location is set then focus on hiring the photographer, DJ or band, baker, and the florist. If your wedding is not in church, then you need to find an officiant. Usually you have to get some guidance from family members, friends, relatives, and meet try to meet vendors in person to make sure they fit for your wedding style and budget.

3. Select a Bridal Party

You should ask your friends and family members initially, as a wedding is a remarkable commitment in the form of finance and time. Make sure your bridal party may not have time or resources to pull together a bachelor party.

4. Purchase Wedding Outfit

Fix a day and go for shopping. Search for unique outfit stores and buy dresses that best suit your wedding and reception. You have many types of sarees such as,

  • Silk sarees – Banarasi or Kanjeevaram (Richness or Alluring)
  • Pattu Sarees (cultural assets)
  • Batik print sarees (Feel feminine)
  • Kalamkari sarees (art work)
  • Lace saree
  • Kotki sarees (most adorable)
  • Party wear saree
  • Bhagapuri silk sarees (elegant)
  • Kosa sarees (magic in weave)
  • Chanderi saree (Ehnic Appeal)
  • Tant sarees (Classic)
  • Assam silk sarees (talk to roots)

For groom you can have,

  • Evergreen sherwani
  • Royal jodhpuri suit
  • Easy going waist coat
  • James bond tuxedo
  • Indo western jacket

5. Prepare a Guest List

After a month you should start preparing the list of guests who you should be inviting. Sit along with your family to discuss the names, address, phone numbers, and email address of all VIPs.

6. Send invitations and travel plans

Start inviting before 2 months. Why, because, suppose most of the guests may come out from the town. So, we need to give them a prior intimation. Call hotels to book rooms for guests, and you can even include lodging options in your invitations.

7. Shopping

Register for gifts, because your family or friends may arrange for any bridal showers for you. Guests also might purchase something; you can also buy wedding rings and other items such as shoes, favors, bridal party gifts, and more.

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